BUND Thuringia

BUND (abbreviation for Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland which means Association for Nature Conservation) is the German association of Friends of the Earth and a non-profit organisation for the protection of nature and environment.

BUND Thuringia, founded in 1990 as the Thuringian branch of BUND deals with various aspects of nature and environment, as e.g. environmental policy (energy, water, traffic, sustainable land use). It is represented in several advisory councils and as public agency delivers statements concerning e.g. infrastructural projects in Thuringia. It has approximately 2000 members

BUND Thuringia has planned and implemented several nature conservation projects on the regional and local level, e.g. the projects “European Wild Cat”, “Living Werra”, “Protection of the Gypsum Karst region Southern Harz” and “Green Belt”.

BUND Thuringia has been active in the protection of the Green Belt since 1990, lobbying, surveying, purchasing and managing land in model regions in Thuringia and preparing material for public relations. Together with other branches of the BUND ( Bavaria  and  Hesse ) it has developed the nature conservation project “Wildcat” and extended it on the national and international level. At the moment we are implementing a Life Biodiversity project "Nets of life", promoting a habitat network for the Wildcat as indicator species.

Together with other partners it has initiated and implemented the Interreg project “Green Belt”. Here it has prepared the presentation of the “Central European Green Belt” by the multilingual media website  (www.greenbelteurope.eu), flyer (which can be downloaded here) and a mobile exhibition.

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BUND-Jahrbuch Bauen und Renovieren 2017

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