For intelligent and environment-friendly mobility

Environment-friendly mobility for humans with their different needs makes up a big part of a sustainable Germany: Traffic damages the nature and the climate and affects the humans’ health and their quality of life. So we have to set a new course for traffic and politics. The BUND campaigns for environment-friendly mobility.

But political signs leading to a change in transport policy are still missing. The BUND wants to change this and supports intelligent and sustainable transport policy. A reformation of the motor vehicle tax should attract people to buy economical cars. In Thuringia transport political decisions are made without any regard to the nature, for instance the planning of the street leading right through the Rhön.

But resistance against new roadways is rising in many areas. The citizens’’ group of Mosbach founded a BUND location group on the third March 2010 to fight together against the relocation of the road B19 through their village.


How can I myself travel in an environmentally friendly way?

  • Use short-distance public transport, above all in the city centres
  • Use “Carsharing” for inevitable rides like bulk buying or order the “vegetable box” (Gemüsekiste)
  • Make up car pools for the ride to work
  • Why not go on holiday by train and bike? Planes cause huge damage for the environment
  • Buy regionale products
  • Demand for better public transportation and cycle paths

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