Three Work Packages for the Preservation of the Wildcat

Control: The advance of the project is recorded in a genetic data file. Here we can see whether the different typed of cats have interbred or how old the different individuals have become.

Field Mapping: The Mapping shows where the planned connections can be made or have already been made. Gaps in the network will be spotted easily and can be closed. On top of that, the paths of the wildcats can be recorded.

Corridor: To enable the wildcat populations of the regions of the Harz, the Hainich, the Thuringian Forest and the Spessart to wander between these habitats, a corridor will be build between the forests to connect them all to a network.


The following themes make up the focus of our work with the wildcat:

  • Creating new habitats and biotops in compensation of building motorways  
  • Rebuilding the farmland in the area of the corridors
  • Regional grouping of nature conservation measures
  • Extensifying of agriculture and forestry
  • Improving the existing biotops

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