Hohe Schrecke – Old Forest for Future

In the north of Thuringia a beautiful mountain range, the “Hohe Schrecke”, borders the valley of the river Unstrut. The area of about 5723 ha with its unique beech trees growing on new red sandstone is part of the European Natural Heritage.

Throughout decades the east European army trained on this area, tourists or visitors were not allowed to enter the place. Although is has almost been forgot, the area of the “Hohe Schrecke” can be visited again since the beginning of the 1990s.

People who want to go to the mountains for a rest can find 200-year-old huge beech trees next to trunks covered with moss and mushrooms. But not only wildcats, black storks and stag beetles like this biotope. Also more than a dozen different kinds of bats and more than 600 kinds of mushrooms live in the forest.

In spring the light deciduous woodlands attract many people because of millions of abloom flowers in the forests and on the meadow orchards and the alleys of apple and cherry trees around it. The combination of forests, extensively used meadows and old fruit trees makes this region very fascinating and special.

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