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A European Green Belt crossing many European landscapes along the former Iron Curtain – this vision approaches reality. Political differences established an almost impermeable barrier between people on both sides from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. Nature took charge of this deserted area, a fascinating strip of wilderness developed along rivers, crossing forests, floodplains and mountains. Today institutions in all adjoining countries cooperate in the preservation, development and presentation of this extraordinary treasure for interested visitors.

Meeting in Mitwitz 2005

In April 2006 the Interreg-project "Green Belt - Protection and valorisation of the longest habitat system in Europe" started. BUND Thuringia and the project office Green Belt in Nuremberg work together with partners from Germany and seven more countries cooperate in the effort to promote the protection of the European Green Belt and to give interested persons all over Europe an impression of this extraordinary natural monument of European history. Partners have analysed the state of the European Green Belt, finding out the main gaps (gap-analysis), collected many overall and regional informations for a big internet presentation, flyers and a mobile exhibition.
Traffic planners analyse ways to visit Green Belt without damaging it. The cooperation between all these partners itself promotes the communication between persons of different provenience.

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